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Bridging Communities Thru Yoga

ONLINE ONLY Monthly Membership, $47

a month


 Unlimited Live Streaming and Unlimited On Demand Library


I’m Satya
and I practice and teach yoga for the purpose of:

Healing the BODY
Healing the community
Healing the planet
Healing the MIND
Healing each other
Healing the SPIRIT

My LIVESTREAM/IN PERSON schedule is as follows and please note all times are:

Mountain Time Zone

If you sign up for livestream, the link will be emailed to you between 15-30 minutes prior to the class. 

8:30-9am(MST) Monday – Friday – Community Qigong(ONLINE ONLY)

12pm (MST) on Monday’s  – Ahimsa(Hatha) Yoga

12pm(MST) on Thursday’s – Mindful Strength Yoga

Currently all classes are offered livestream and *IN PERSON!

Pre register for *IN PERSON Classes (Class Passes or Drop In Rates apply!)

*Covid 19 Community Agreements for IN PERSON Classes:

Vaccinated People only for IN PERSON classes

Masks are optional

The studio has 2 Blue Air Filtration Systems 

Social Distancing Required

8 people maximum



The Whole Yoga Center is interested in working alongside anyone who is doing or is willing to do

social justice work, environmental justice work and/or racial justice work at any capacity in our community, and who wants to integrate the practice of yoga and mindfulness into their life and/or work.

If even one person is oppressed in our community, we are all oppressed. When one person suffers, we all suffer. I believe it’s time to integrate this understanding at a deep level — we are all connected. I believe in collective care for one another in spirit and body — equity for all bodies of color and the full spectrum of gender identities. Yoga can be used as a tool for healing the trauma that systemic oppression causes.

Live Stream and On-Demand Yoga Classes

Eat for Life

Daylong Meditation Retreats

Private Yoga Lessons/Yoga Therapy

“The body keeps the score.” — Bessel van der Kolk

We’re here to be vulnerable with each other.

We’re here to grieve our traumas caused by social and environmental injustices together.

We’re here to learn how to come together, like a village, in the face of climate crisis and systemic racism.

ONLINE ONLY Monthly Membership

$47 a month


Unlimited Live Streaming and Unlimited On Demand Library

Currently all classes are offered via LIVESTREAM and IN PERSON

(Class Passes and Drop in Rates apply for IN PERSON) 


“Thank you for being such a light in the world.”
Dayna Z.

“Love the flow, easiness, love, joy that you are.”
Dana W.

“Satya is the best. I learn new asanas and mudras from her all the time. It feels like she knows what my body and mind need to connect to each other.”
John K.

“I can’t say enough about Satya. She is a wonderful teacher, very wise, so very human and approachable. Satya shows us how to engage with a practice gently, but persistently. It has been a wonderful gift to get to know Satya and to be her student.”
Debbie Z.

“I love the detail Satya expresses when talking about a pose and what you may be feeling at the time. The pace is perfect for strengthening and calming down the senses. Satya rocks!”
Kristy H.

“Satya’s kindness and encouragement to feel one’s body and take time to settle in is perfect in a restorative setting…I’ve loved her for many years.”
Marla M.

“Keep doing what you’re doing, you’re a gift to the community. Thank you!”
Helen W.

“You are awesome! Always coming up with new creative ways for people to explore, mind, body and spirit. I am so grateful to have your humor, warmth, guidance and calm in my life. You are an inspiration to me.”
Jennifer R.

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