Whole Yoga | 5 Reasons To Go On a Yoga Retreat

Going on a retreat might sound like a big splurge on yourself at first… but really, is it?

What does it cost you when you become out of balance and notice you’re forgetting commitments? Maybe you begin unconsciously eating to preoccupy yourself and you start gaining unwanted weight? What about when you start feeling badly about yourself, or maybe you’re losing sleep, not exercising and just feeling overwhelmed by the news. Perhaps you’re not getting your work done each day and anxiety creeps in as your to do list grows.

We all have experienced some of these feelings at one point or another. The scary thing is that they accumulate until we find ourselves depressed or in a major funk. Here are the top 5 reasons why going on retreat actually saves you in the end. I bet you could come up with 5 more reasons on your own!


#1 Self Care Reset

Let’s face it, self care is challenging to maintain. Did you get off track this summer? Get back on track with a big dose of self care.


#2 Remember who you are

This sounds silly, but life gets so busy, we forget or get distracted from who we are, why we are here, what is really important to us.


#3 The world will go on without you

Yes, it’s true. Those who depend on us will adapt with out us, let them know you need to do this for yourself and no one else.


#4 Ditch the phone

Your senses need a break from the constant light in you face and beeps in your ears. Fast from reading news and watching videos. Put it on airplane mode, put it to sleep or be really bold and leave it behind. Live life simply for 2 days.


#5 Spiritual Renewal

So what are we really talking about? Getting in touch with your inner self, God, your true nature or whatever you call it. Feel connected again.

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