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The Whole Yoga Center was founded in 2021 by Satya Larrea, C-IAYT (she, her) and Mike Kohm, PT (he, him) in the midst of the COVID-19 global pandemic. It was formerly known as the Whole Yoga Studio, and served the Denver yoga community for 20 years. Mike and Satya were the owners from 2004 to 2020.

Satya has been an active yoga student since the early 1990s. She took an introductory yoga course at a community college in Paradise Valley, AZ, and has kept up the practice ever since. The practice of both yoga and meditation has been more than a lifesaver for her, and has become a way of life. Satya learned to teach yoga while residing in an ashram, dedicating her time to learning meditation, yoga and practicing seva (selfless service), from 1997-2003. Today she’s a passionate yoga therapist, working with folx who are learning to manage anxiety, stress, neurological disorders and disordered eating habits.

Satya’s vision is to become an agent for change facing the injustices in this world. She envisions the space that the Whole Yoga Center holds as “an island of calm in the sea of chaos”— a healing space for people who are rising up, in one capacity or another, to better care for themselves, the beautiful planet earth, and each other.

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