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You are your own fortune cookie!

I love that people are coming to Whole Yoga to learn more about and deepen their understandings of yoga and meditation. Josh McGirk was extraordinary while teaching his anatomy workshop this past weekend. Students told me they were entirely engaged and smiling ear to ear for 3 days straight. Some of our most seasoned instructors were challenged to deepen their understanding of the relationship between anatomy and yoga.

The WY Teacher Training staff studies philosophy once a week together and ponders the mysteries and histories of yoga, while receiving insights into their own practice and what it takes to understand and know one’s self.

Soon I’ll be co teaching a Meditation Teacher Training with Kumara from Eldorado Mt. Yoga Ashram, and knowing that we have an almost full group of yogis and yoginis who want to learn how to teach meditation brings me a lot of inspiration.

Whole Yoga is becoming a true learning center for the study and practice of meditation and yoga and this is amazing for me to watch. I talk to many people who tell me they want more balance in their lives, whether they have sleep issues, diet issues, addictions, anxiety, pain, depression, anger issues… the list goes on. As I listen, I understand that people want to live and enjoy their lives a little more and get free of their suffering, I also hear that they have an inner sense that yoga and meditation may help them somehow… if only they could find more time or more discipline to practice.

Yoga is a path of balance that enables us to navigate the areas of our human psyche that causes us suffering. If you are relating to this in any way, I want to personally welcome you to come practice with us. Whole Yoga is here for you to start on that path or to get back to your path. What people tell me is that they come to Whole Yoga because it’s an easy place to be real.

Come see what we have going on this spring and summer. Start with what appeals to and interests you, and ease on in. Find your next baby step. Maybe it’s signing in to a class or a workshop, or attending a kirtan, or signing up for a private session. One little step is all it takes in discovering “You are your own fortune cookie!”


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