By Alicia Moore

“Love is the only force on earth more powerful than gravity.”


I have been told throughout my life that I have a wild heart. A heart that is reckless, perhaps. A heart that speaks louder than any other part of me, definitely. A heart that so fiercely loves music, lust, passion, depth, that it is nearly impossible to contain within the little rib cage it thumps in.

Love is quite impossible to define. Can you define it? I believe that love differs for each individual, so it would be rather difficult to create a universal definition for a feeling, an echo, a spark. For some of us, love feels like a visceral fire, something that erupts from somewhere deep inside of us, like a volcano; something that is messy, gorgeous, mesmerizing, and expansive. Something that does not exist in moderation, but consumes us, wholly. 

I believe that love is individual, it is unique to each person (or animal!) we meet.  Love also evolves, and that evolution may be positive or not. But I suppose if we look at all love, lost or found, as a gift, then we will never have to regret the heartbreak it may have caused. Sometimes hurt is just part of the dance. 

Think about all of the love you have in your life. Are these relationships perfect? No, we are human. Sometimes we want too much or give too little; we seek balance, but rarely find it, especially in other people. That is why self-love is so essential. Once equilibrium is found within, we can offer more stability to those around us. If we are chock full of chaos, we are bound to push that chaos onto others. So, even though I LOVE love, and all that comes with it, I must love myself first so that I can offer a more beautiful kind of connection. 

So, go out, spread the love! But remember to shower yourself with it, as well. Love doesn’t thin as it spreads; it only grows. 

Share some of your love stories in the comments below.

Alicia Moore began practicing yoga in 2001 to alleviate stress in her life. She received her 200-hour Shambhava Yoga certification in 2010 at Whole Yoga and is currently working toward her 300-hour certification. Alicia has been a licensed massage therapist since 2011, specializing in Thai Yoga massage. Her passion in life is helping others, whether it is to relax, heal from a stroke, or simply learn to breathe and stretch.

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