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Happy Equinox, everyone!

A student just emailed me with this question:

Do you have a suggestion for a guided meditation during the full moon? I am asking for one in the Shambhava yoga tradition.

This is my answer:

The Lunar energy is cooling, so it’s good for Pitta types. If you’re not so Pitta, do watch during this time how much you expose yourself to the direct moonlight. In the Shambhava tradition it’s been observed that exposure to the Lunar energy for too long may disturb the mind and/or cause sleeplessness.

Since the moon is a feminine energy, I would say that a nice chant to the Divine Mother would be sweet, or a mala to any or all of the goddesses, followed by a few rounds of circular breathing and then sitting quietly to absorb the energy.

Here are some mantras:
Durga – Om Hrim Shrim Dum Durgayai Namaha
Laxmi – Om Hrim Shrim Maha Laxmyai Namaha
SaraSwati – Om Aim Sara Swatyai Namaha
Tara – Om Tara Tu Tara Tare Swaha

The goddesses nourish and protect us, like a perfect mother would. Be open to the nourishment as you chant, and chant with love and devotion in your heart!

With this being said, I would like to give thanks to my teacher, Sri Shambhavananda, Faith Stone, and Acharya Mukti Miller for teaching me these practices and how to connect to the Divine Feminine.


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