I love the practice Surya Namaskara, it’s no secret. I know I’m not alone…my students love saluting the sun, too. They can pretty much count on noon class every Monday and Thursday at Whole Yoga consisting of some variations of Sun Salutes. I find this practice to be a reliable resource for transforming myself, and my students agree. The practice is a way that we tap into gratitude, a feeling that is fundamental to our greater sense of happiness in the moment. And as if that weren’t enough, we warm up every major muscle group in the body in the process. What more could we ask for?

The sun is lingering… longer days and more light.
Celebrate the Equinox!

Did you know that there are mantras that go with each pose of Surya Namaskar? Here they are, a new challenge – and yet one more way to practice Saluting the Sun, showing reverence for life.

Shine on,
— Satya

Whole Yoga | Surya

Surya Namaskara with Mantras by Shakti Cards

Om Mitraya Namaha — Light of universal friendship
Om Ravaya Namaha — Light of compelling radiance
Om Suryaya Namaha — Dispeller of darkness and ignorance
Om Bhanave Namaha — Shining principle
Om Kaghaya Namaha — All-pervading light
Om Pushne Namaha — Light of mystic fire
Om Hiranyagarabhaya Namaha — Golden-colored one, healing gold
Om Marichaye Namaha — Light obvious and subtle as at dusk and dawn
Om Aditaya Namaha — Light of the sage, an aspect of Vishnu (Vishnu is a deity)
Om Savitre Namaha — Light of enlightenment
Om Arkaya Namaha — Light that removes afflictions
Om Baskaraya Namaha — Brilliance, the light of intelligence

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