Sphinx is a underrated pose that suitable for most yogis and a favorite of many instructors here at Whole Yoga. It is a beginning backbend in yoga that helps to open the chest, lungs, and low back.


  • Improves Blood Circulation.
  • Aids in lengthening of the abdominal muscles, strengthens the spine, and firms the buttocks.
  • It also stretches and opens the chest, lungs, and shoulders, a great counter position for those of us that sit at a computer or drive all day.
  • Additionally Sphnix invigorates the body, soothes the nervous system, lessens fatigue.
  • Pressure on the abdomen helps stimulate your digestion.
  • Helps the natural curve of your lower back for those that experience long periods of sitting.
  • Often used to prepare the body deeper backbends and considered a gentle heart opening pose.


  • Begin face-down on the floor with your legs are hip-width apart (tip: widen the legs if there is any congestion in your low back). Keep your arms at your sides and your chin on the mat. Press the tops of your feet into the mat and spread your toes. Do not tuck your toes, as this can crunch your spine.
  • Take an inhale and come up on your forearms with your shoulders stacked directly over your elbows. Palms are flat on the floor, forearms are parallel, and your face is pointed directly at the wall in front of you.
  • As you inhale lift through the crown of the head lengthening the spine. Press your pubic bone into the floor – imagine you have a tail and you are trying to tuck it in-between your legs. Strongly engage your legs.
  • Roll your outer thighs slightly toward the floor to help lengthen your low back.
  • Hold for up to 3-6 breaths. On your last exhale pull the floor toward you, slowly articulating your spine down, bring the finger-tips together and test your forehead on your finger-tips.

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