Bramhacharya – Energy Moderation

Anything that causes turbulence in the mind and stirs the emotions might be seen as a violation of brahmacharya: overstimulating foods, loud environments, violent movies, multiple-screen usage, etc.

As I watch my child, I observe that there is no built-in barometer to indicate when her senses are becoming overloaded. It’s as if the barometer must be developed, like everything else in her being. Stimulation creates the desire for more stimulation. For instance, she asks, “Can I watch one more?” as soon as her show ends. She will listen to an audiobook and will keep the audio on even when she is asking me a question or brushing her teeth, as if the absence of “noise” would be not okay. At the taste of sugar, she would eat candy until it made her sick if I weren’t there to moderate and ask her to check in with how her body felt and reflect on her own behavior as a reaction to the substance she is ingesting.

These observations make me realize how important my modeling brahmacharya is to my child. I reflect on the misuse of my own senses, especially these days when it comes to using mobile devices. This is why I love teaching savasana to adults and children and practicing meditation myself.


Affirmations for Brahmacharya – Energy Moderation:

I prevent the dissipation of my energy through the misuse of my senses. I choose to conserve my personal energy, and this is my practice of brahmacharya. I don’t allow my senses to rule my behavior. I’m not urge-driven.

By not giving so much energy to intense moments—by not squandering my life force—I am more at ease and happier in all moments.

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