Ahimsa/Nonviolence or Loving Unconditionally


Jaya and I on Goof Ball Island!

My daughter and I spent a lot of “1on1” time at the summer’s end before school started this year. Her playmates were away on vacation, the neighborhood was vacant, and it was just the two of us day in and day out for a while. We had a little routine we started, but then she became restless… and I became, well… a little edgy, I would say. I was the full-time playmate, cook, personal shopper, cleaner-upper, and chauffeur, not to mention the big boss of our beloved little Whole Yoga Studio.

Those of you who are parents or wear many hats in life don’t really need me to go on.

Now she’s back at school, and I’m still reflecting on our time together and how we acted and reacted to each other. It’s inspired me to reflect on the Yamas and Niyamas. As I read up on some “new to me” interpretations of these ten ideals for living, I’m posting one a day and rewriting them as affirmations.




Ahimsa: Non Violence/ Loving Unconditionally

I allow my child and others to be who they are. I make space within myself for peace by relinquishing hostility and irritability. Within this peace-filled space I feel my anger, separation and aggression resolve.

The next time I have a negative thought or image of my child or anyone, I will hold it in my consciousness and step back from it so that I am able to stop feeding my negative thoughts and feel peace. I use these five steps my dear friend Andrea Silver taught me:
1. Pause
2. Breathe
3. Ask for Help
4. Open with Kindness
5. Act with Intention

I put the happiness and well being of others first. I practice being “other-centered” rather than “self-centered.”

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