Hope you’re enjoying the official summer! I’m in awe that the days are getting shorter now that the solstice has passed.

Recently, while shopping at the craft store with my daughter for summer hobbies, I noticed a slew of books on Zentangle. I’d been hearing about it for years, and was finally lured into giving it a try. Lo and behold… I love it!

My daughter Jaya and I Zentangle together, and it opens up a contemplative space between us as we both relax almost instantly. Sometimes we sit and draw in silence; other times it opens a line of communication between us that feels deeper and more special than usual. By focusing my mind on black and white patterns, a meditative state occurs almost instantly. My mind seems to love the structure of Zentangling’s random and spontaneous shapes.

Jaya and I led our first Whole Yoga Kids’ camp this week in our home town of Louisville, CO. After Jaya taught yoga, the kids were coloring mandalas and I was Zentangling. Soon I observed the children copying me and creating their own patterns, allowing a beautiful contemplative silence to infuse us as we sat in the shade.

I encourage you to give Zentangling a try. You don’t have to buy expensive paper or a fancy micron pen, you just need a fine-tip black marker and paper. Google or search YouTube to get started on some patterns, and then find yourself a comfortable seat — maybe on the patio or somewhere you enjoy being — and Zentangle your stress away.

Until next time…


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